Special Education

Port Townsend School District Special Education
Grant Street

Special education is specially designed instruction, at no cost to the parents, to meet the unique needs of a student eligible for special education. Services may be adapted curriculum in reading, math, written language, speech/ language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision and mobility therapy as well as others to address delays in cognitive/ academic, social/emotional, fine/gross motor, vision, hearing, self-help, and speech or language functioning.

Mission Statement

With the collaboration of teachers and families, our Special Education Program identifies students with disabilities. Once identified, students are educated through research-based instruction that is specially designed to promote their success. We work with the individual, the family and community members, to adapt an educational environment to meet each student's unique needs. This may be a lifelong process and the school will play an important role in each individual's life. The protection and honoring of the student's dignity and maintenance of human rights is an integral part of the entire school experience from birth to age 21. This is at the core of our work.

From the time the student enters the school environment, our network of staff members work diligently to help the student accept his or her own unique diversity. The Special Education staff may begin this process by working with the families after the birth of a special needs child and facilitating that process throughout the student’s school career. We emphasize mainstreaming activities in which the child participates. Involved professionals, parents and students develop a range of alternatives for a tailored student instruction. We work together in order to create concrete ideas, identify service level options, and clearly define how Special Education and Regular Education will work together to meet the needs of students in our programs.

A strong Special Programs Staff dedicated to the educational process for special needs children supports our vision. Our team consists of the services of school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists as well as the teaching staff. This team model of service delivery is based on collaboration, communication and shared responsibility among all team members. Families are considered full team members with all assessments, reports and services integrated and carried out with the family’s participation.

At the Port Townsend School District’s Special Education Department we recognize your child as an individual. Our objective is the student’s maximum participation in his/her academic environment as well as the community. All our staff supports this objective, which we believe, helps create an improved society accepting of everyone.

Notice of Special Education Procedural Safeguards for Students and Their Families 
Please contact the Learning Support Services Office Coordinator (contact information below) if you would like to obtain a printed booklet of the Procedural Safeguards. 

Curriculum and Programs Descriptions

Grant Street Elementary, Birth to Three Program

The Birth to Three Program provides home-based early intervention services to children 0-3 years of age and their families. Our goal is helping children reach their optimal level of development. Parent/family support and education is a critical component of this program.

Grant Street Elementary, Grant Street Preschool

Special Education at Grant Street Preschool is designed to provide specialized preschool instruction and curriculum. Grant Street Preschool is a community preschool based on a philosophy of inclusion. Our program integrates typically developing children with those who have developmental needs. We strongly believe children will increase their understanding of self and others by experiencing and learning about individual differences. We are committed to a child-centered, nurturing environment where each child is appreciated as a gift. We focus on the whole child through play and early intervention activities.

Grant Street Elementary Kindergarten Resource Support Services

The Kindergarten Special Education program is located at Grant Street Elementary School. It is strongly designed with an emphasis on an on-going collaboration between the kindergarten teachers and the children’s parents. The teacher assists students at established times of the school day to empower the students in their acquisition of academic skills or in dealing with routines and transitions.

Grant Street Elementary School, The Learning Academy Grades 1-3

The Learning Academy is based on a “School-within-a-School” model and is designed to deliver small group instruction to students in identified areas. The goal is to assist students in making the most progress possible and to empower them in their learning as members of the Grant Street Community.